Internships, college and huge groups all lead to tons of memories encapsulated in a stash of photos. The hard part is getting them from the camera to your friends.

Why/how is it hard? Lets hear a (real) story.

My friend Steven has a great camera and really knows photography. He takes group shots and awesome shots for everyone during our events. But he has yet to upload our four months worth of photos from San Francisco for our group of 20+ people. He isn't a bad guy, he is awesome, but he just wants to touch up the aspects so no one has a 'bad' photo online. 8 months late, those poor photos are probably now dwelling in a lonely folder.

Its hard to fine a balance between knowing which photos are good to go and which should be stored far away from the internet.

Enter, CollabUpload! Upload your photos to Dropbox and CollabUpload will pull from Dropbox creating an album link for the app. Give the album link to your friends and all they have to do is sign in via Facebook to upvote the pictures. Get the feedback (and confidence) to share those beautiful pictures. Don't neglect your photos, start uploading at

Why do I think its awesome? It solves a problem I see with a lot of my friends and sometimes myself.

Tech stack: Dropbox API, Facebook auth, Parse backend and its hosted on Github.

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