CollaborEat is a desktop app that helps people in a community organize dinner parties. Users can browse through other user's profiles and strike up a conversation with a group of users to organize dinner parties in their area. The goal of the app is to encourage members of a community to grow closer to each other while promoting healthy cooking, reducing food wastage and helping the users save money.

We built CollaborEat with Electron with plans to implement messaging with Twilio.

One of the major challenges that our team faced was learning how to use Electron. Making an app in Electron also meant learning node.js, which none of us had experience with. However, by the end of the designated hacking period, we had a good understanding of Electron and a solid grasp over html and css.

Some accomplishments that our group is proud of are how we managed to build our own app in 24 hours, despite arriving with little experience and how much we managed to learn in the process.

Some things that we learned over the course of this hackathon were how to use Electron and how to code in node.js.

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