Target demographic

Younger audiences---Generation Y, digital natives

The Problem

The disconnect between the prominence of technology in our lives and the old-school style of learning in classrooms. There’s a clear discrepancy between the tech-savvy digital natives generation and the outdated learning mediums.

The solution

A collaborative, online Physics Playground that enables students to simultaneously interact with each other as well as the learning material.

What our MVP does now

It allows students to interact with conventionally 2D Physics concepts by actually using their hands and fingers to create shapes. The software also allows students to interact with each other in the digital playpen.

Future directions for our product

Ideally, we could implement more specific structures (i.e. introduce a feature that actually graphs the shapes and records the movements/data so that students can conduct specific experiments using the technology, thereby cutting down on material costs). We could also make it 3D or connect it with a VR headset, so as to serve as an introduction to 3D learning, which is sure to become a prominent learning mode in 21st century.

Limits of Our Product

Costs: the Leap Motion hardware itself isn’t terribly expensive, but it’s not free either. In addition, VR headsets that are built to last definitely come at a higher price than what public schools are willing to invest and integrate this technology into their curricula.

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