In the modern business environment with growing teams and increasingly complex networks of inter-dependencies the need for an effective collaborative environment has never been greater. Value comes not from the routine but from the extra-ordinary.

Currently this is borne from random unplanned interactions, otherwise known as the ‘Watercooler Effect’. Workers having serendipitous conversations with each other, understanding what their respective teams are doing and sharing ideas. This extremely valuable interaction is not systematised into companies and thus happens on an ad-hoc, irregular basis. Companies tend to work in a siloed model, teams don’t know what the groups next to them are doing, let alone what those in a disconnected business unit in another office in another country could be doing.

It is these interdisciplinary interactions that the watercooler effect immeasurably helps. Marketing departments can have useful customer insights that developer teams could easily action. However these two are rarely working closely together.

Collaborator brings interdisciplinary interaction and planning to the fore of project management and enabled cross functional ideas and teams to build great products. We’ve improved on modern tooling and made it now possible to exercise the power of coincidence repeatedly and quantifiably.

Teams working remotely can enjoy the same benefits of those meeting the break room. The social barrier of knowing a large web of people is diminished and quality ideas can flourish.

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