We are a ambitious Computer Scientist and Data Scientist, who strongly believe in the unlimited possibilities of working with one another through various digital ways. We notice while being in the space (Twitter, Discord, Telegram etc.) people were looking for each other. Meaning, one designer wanted to start a NFT collection together with a businessperson to get the job done, another developer had this amazing NFT idea but needed a designer. Since the space is happening basically around the globe, it is hard to catch up with these messages while sleeping/working/eating. We felt the need to create a platform that will enable everyone who just wants to find a good partner to collab with.

What it does

We want to enable people that are interested in making for example NFT’s, smart contracts, minting websites and more by finding a qualified partner to work with. This platform will help either making the best first impression as a creator and making it possible to find the right match for the ones who showcases the assignment.

Only a few buttons away from having a collab started! As a participant it is important to make the best impressions through the account you have to set up to join Collabnation. Make sure to fill in all the important traits and details about you, so the creators will have a good impression of you and get in contact. As a creator it is important to have the assignment stand out that participants will feel attracted. You have to fill in details such as rewards, what the collab is about and who you are looking for. As soon as you have read the details about the participants, it is up to you whom you want to contact and whom not. A small payment needs to be made in order to get in contact with the potential partners, via the platform by choice. From there on, we wish you all the best with the successful collab.

How we built it

We have build the Collabnation platform by using the React framework in the frontend. For the backend we used a MongoDB database to store the information about the created collabs. We also uses the Phantom wallet component to let users make a connection with our dapp. We use Solana web3 to transfer fund for the fees.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we ran into was thinking of the bigger picture from the beginning and realizing along the way we wouldn’t be able to create the full potential of Collabnation. We also had a hard time learning Rust to write a smart contract, while finishing our studies at the university.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of making this platform in such a short amount of time (while having a full-time job/study). During the Hackathon we were also live in the space now and then and it was very nice to hear people needing partners for projects and asking where to go. We will be able to help them soon!

What we learned

First of all, we really enjoyed being part of this Hackaton. We had to think outside of the box and that is something we like to do. We learned to filter the idea, so it will be more specific and feasible. We also learned allot about the power of a dapp in this world. We are looking forward to continue building the dapp.

What's next for Collabnation

We always look at the bigger picture. Not only we want to focus on enable people finding a good match, we want to provide the professional service they need afterwards:

  • We want to have the communication between one another at our platform Collabnation.
  • The payment will be taken care by us, since there are some risks and scammers.
  • We will take care of the legal side of the collab which is super important, via a smart contract.

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