Collable is an initiative to improve education systems and support not just Students but also Professors. There are hundreds of valuable education apps which are mostly student centric. The educational apps generally do not constitute to the school grading system. If a student is brilliant and performs well in the assignments online other than school, they aren't able to improve their academic grades with that.

What it does

  • Students: ask/answer questions and receive credit for your solutions
  • Professors: gather data on students and their questions/solutions to help refine lectures and identify top performers

How we built it

  • React for frontend/client
  • Node for backend/server
  • Firebase for database and authentication handling

Challenges I ran into

  • Not able to build out the credit feature or professor capabilities
  • Not able to incorporate machine learning or scraping features to handle question submission

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • my first fullstack app
  • I understand how data flows from database to be rendered on frontent

What I learned

What's next for Collable

  • Build out the professor capabilities
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