Finding new teammates during a hackathon is challenging for everyone. So, our team tried to find a solution for it

What it does

CollabCircle is a website that lets the user to find teammates according to their interest. CollabCircle asks user to sign up and add their interest like their hobbies, skills and other favorable thing. In return, CollabCircle will provide list of users with similar interests. Also keeping in mind, during hackathon, it lets teammates to entertain themselves during hangouts when physically apart by using a Portable Piano by our team.

How I built it

  1. We used node.js for backend programming and algorithms that makes the project 'Unique'

  2. Used Bootstrap Studio for frontend designing which gives the project most 'Unique' User Interface

  3. Used Arduino UNO for the portable piano which gives the user 'Unique' way of entertainment.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Different Time Zones: Every teammate belongs to different part of the world which was difficult for all of us to give time to the project

  2. Unfamiliar with some software: No one of us has equal skills in software development so, we divided work and tried to do as much as possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Got to know about hardware development

  2. Got experience with software development

  3. Got to know more about cultures of different countries

What I learned

  1. Got experience with bootstrap studio.

  2. Tried to work with node.js for first time

  3. Improved my skills at website development

  4. Working on Arduino UNO improved my knowledge with hardwares

  5. Team Work

What's next for CollabCircle

  1. We will try to make Mobile app that will let user to contact with the team anywhere

  2. We will make a chat area in the project where users may chat with their teammates

  3. Will use Machine Learning to improve team finding

  4. Introduce a software through which user can get tutorials for beginners, music notes by music genre.

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