As a remote product manager, I spend all day in remote conference sessions talking to stuttering video feed pixels or black squares of teammates who aren't comfortable running webcams in their home offices. This leaves me exhausted with Zoom-fatigue! ​I wanted to re-capture the ease and energy of getting together in a breakout meeting room and solving problems together.

What it does

Collabby is a non-video conferencing solution that presents a cartoon-ized meeting room and allows participants to select an avatar to sit around the virtual table. This solves three key problems with existing video conferencing:

  1. Provides a consistent visual space with a horizon and brightness.
  2. Removes the performance pressure of a constant self-camera
  3. Enables natural conversational back-and-forth with Dolby spatial audio

To share an active meeting, copy whole URL and send it to someone else.

How we built it

This prototype is a serverless React SPA that coordinates multiple meeting participants via the WebRTC text messaging channel exposed by the SDK.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The seating order around the table is consistent for each participant! Finally, I'm not surprised by someone going "clockwise" around the grid in their conference screen.

What's next for Collabby

Adding key features supported by a backend API:

  • Creating an account that remembers your personal avatar
  • Make it much easier to invite people to meetings (email, Slack, ...)
  • Increase stability so that it can be used more in my own meetings ;)

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