We wanted to design a system which connects college students to help out each other in terms of tutoring. We noticed many websites would charge college students ridiculous amounts of money, so we decided that why not make a system where college students can help each other out and not pay a fee.

What it does

A tutoring system where college students list their weaknesses and strengths and connect with other students who's strengths are their weaknesses which allow them to tutor each other, creating a symbiotic relationship between college students.

How I built it

HTML, PHP, Java (text files for database)

Challenges I ran into

Connecting Java to PHP, reading and writing individual lines from text files

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning backend for the first time, linking HTML pages with Java, UI design, creating a submission form

What I learned

Learned how to store data and retrieve it, UI design, form creation

What's next for Collabarter

Creating a fully functional product and releasing it to the public

Built With

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