We are all inspired by the following spaces: Education, Health, Engineering, Art

What it does

Our native AR app developed in Unity for Android devices allows multiple users to collaboratively share high fidelity 3d models with each other in real time in augmented space on their phone.

This can be used for:

  • Education where users use this to share models to teach about specific details of historic events, elements, people, art, etc.
  • Health, to share details visually for doctors, care providers, manufacturers, etc heart, lungs, cells to explain or teach findings in regards to particular elements of the body.
  • Engineering to share models and interactions of models together for building, prototyping complex assemblies, annotating components.
  • Art to visually learn from 3d models that appear in front of you in real time. E.g. Statues, paintings, buildings. Gaming, augmented reality games!

How we built it

Built within Unity, Maya, Visual Studio, Android Studio, Photoshop, Sketch, Invision, Mudbox as a collaborative effort between 3 developers, 1 3d modeler, and 1 UX/UI designer

Challenges we ran into

Learning Unity as a team. Version control for a big project with many different file types. Networking for online collaboration, basic solutions for Unity and Android hard to implement on ARCore technology because of the camera setup, and we ran into a lot of dead ends in development due to lack of experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning Unity as a team and creating something potentially groundbreaking.

What we learned

How powerful 5 people can be when we put our heads together!

What's next for CollabAR

Exploring other iterations that will emphasize the needs of other industries.

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