Inspiration: People oftentimes have a great idea, but they lack the resources and people to start it, so we want to create a platform to connect people to their ideas.

Goal We wanted to present a myriad of potential solutions to COVID-19 problems, all in one space. We wanted to help people find the perfect team members for their project’s needs, so we created collab-connect, a platform to help people with awesome ideas to find others with similar ideas! We want people to tackle the pandemic’s challenges with passionate, like-minded individuals.

What we did We created a front end with user dashboard, profiles, and a way for users to create project We created backend with MongoDB database.

Challenges We learned that web application development is a lot more difficult than we thought, we originally overestimated our expectations and wanted to implement a lot, but 24 hours isn't as long and we didn't account for sleep.

We didn't successfully finish the MongoDB to store the projects because there was a lot of errors with our project config, but we are looking to implement that in the future.

Libraries Used React.js MongoDB Bootstrap JQuery

Github Page

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