Space exploration is a topic that is growing exponentially, with more and more companies opening up, and looking for new employees to hire. But where are those employees going to come from? And who is going to be qualified for this? It’s a question that is being asked all around the world, with space exploration companies doing the best they can to try to get qualified people from the top universities around the world, but even with their best efforts, they can’t provide the best solution. The real issue now is that even students who are interested in perusing astronomy often find a hard time discovering what they really love, and finding the right people to do projects in high school and college.

What it does

Collab is an application which will help you connect to anyone around the whole world to work on projects, research, or to talk on topics and make solutions for space-related problems. Students can sign up on the platform, and input their name, specific interests, and their profile or experiences. They can then try to open up a project on the app, by clicking “add project” and specifying what types of people they need. They can then be matched with other people with similar interests, but different skillsets so that they can help each other work. The matching can consist of both students and workers who are already employed in this industry from all around the world, no matter where are there, which eliminates the problem of being contained to only knowing people in your university. If at any time, they feel like they want more people to join, they can specify that on their project, which will match them up with more people to work with. Another feature would be the data gathering feature, which would use crowdsourcing and citizen science to help students in research projects. They can post a survey, poll, or question on the app, and it will give this survey to the target group. People who answer the survey can earn bonus rewards points, which can then be redeemed for incentives, like gift vouchers.

What's next for Collab

This app will have a massive effect on the space industry. It would not only increase student connections with people they would enjoy working with, but it would also help students develop ideas and research that could be beneficial to their studies and their goals. If this were to be created, we plan to reach 6% of colleges worldwide in the first 2 years of operations, starting in Thailand, where we are based. We hope that this app inspires a new generation of passionate students, who will be very happy working in the space field.

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