IoT has demonstrated the highest potential to connect people and smart devices. People are now able to connect in fractions of seconds to people and things in the other side of the world; however, the smarter the device the less connected our society has become. Inspired by this lack of colLABoration and communication between people, our team believes that an integration between cultures and society can be achieved by using IoT to engage people to work together.

What it does

Our project is a proof of concept of how people can work together and be passionate about the same ideas. Thus, my team put together a triker which is controlled by a raspberry pi able to connect to the ibm-watson cloud to send sensors readings and receive commands to move. From the other end, the users can connect to the same ibm-watson cloud (powered by the LTE connection in the TELUS starter kit) and send via sms or email with commands to move the triker. IoT becomes the interface between users all over the globe and the triker, enabling a new way of connecting people and encouraging them to work towards a common goal while enjoying the interaction.

How we built it

We used the TELUS starter kit to connect to the IBM Watson cloud services. The TELUS set-up allows us to read information sensed and collected by the nucleo, and arduino boards and upload them to the ibm cloud bia LTE network. This information is received parsed and sent to all the users that are connected through the IBM cloud.

Any user connected to the IBM cloud is able to send a command to the triker via sms or email. This information is parsed and sent to the cloud via the eSimCard. Then, the information is sent to a Raspberry pi via the UART RX port, Ethernet or a Wireless connection, and a python script parses the information received and commands the DC motors to move the triker.

Challenges we ran into

  • Protocols to establish connectivity to the cloud.
  • Interfacing between boards
  • IBM limited resources

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Control of the triker Connection to the Cloud Fun and lots of learnings

What we learned

Cloud connection Board Interfacing Sensing Data through the cloud

What's next for ColLAB

Strong implementation for the cloud send/receive commands Hardware improvements New Projects to connect and engage people

Built With

  • arduino-connect
  • bluemix
  • dc-motors
  • digikey-components
  • humidity-sensor
  • ibm-watson
  • ieee-components
  • l298n-h-bridge
  • pressure-sensor
  • python
  • raspberry-pi
  • st-board
  • telus-communication-board
  • telus-starter-pack
  • temp-sensor
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