In the current situation many patients were forced to take treatment from home remotly due to the saturation of hospital or during the quarentine. It is very hard to keep track of all patients which put the medical staff in a stressful environmment. Our platform Colink aims to handle those problems by facilating the process of consulting and tracking patients by Doctors.

What it does

Receive good healthcare remotely Global community, including patients and your doctor Detailed information empowers personalized treatment (Machine Learning) Real-time patient monitoring Treatment recommendations based on global data set ![this is what makes colink unique is helping doctors analyse and make a better choice for each patients]

Decrease the amount of calls recieved by hospital Enable tracking of patients and learn how treatment behave on different patients clusters Doctors will be able to take care of multiple patients Gain knoweldge from patients data to improve treatment and save more lives

How I built it

1. Web Platform: We built a web platform for doctors to follow up with patients and also a dashboard to analyse treatment and get recommandation

2. Matching Algorithm: We train our algorithm with different criteria like treatments, patiensts known diseases,duration of treatment, geographic location and impact on defined clusters

4. Legal: We are willing to get a full consent from patients as well as meeting the GDPR laws

Challenges I ran into

The idea start as a solution for COVID19 but could be applied for multiple disease or focusing on a certain type

What's next for Colink

looking for partners who can levrage our project by providing data and encouraging doctors to participate and use it as a research tool We are planning to get in touch with third party to continue the developpement of the platform.

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