What it does

Retro Jumper is a retro-style game built in the style of Mario and other classic platformers.

How we built it

Using a phone camera and a greenscreen we captured images of our teammate for use as the player character. With Python we designed a custom green screen program. With Photoshop we achieved a pixelated style with the player character. Using Unreal Engine we loaded in the edited images, created animations for the character, and designed a level to jump around in.

Challenges we ran into

We originally set out with the goal of recreating Mortal Kombat but with us as players We had to pivot to a different goal when we realized this was unrealistic given the time-frame. Around the 10:00am mark we accidentally deleted our entire game and had to remake all the scripts from near scratch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finalizing a custom green screen program. Recovering from the largest set-back possible.

What we learned

Allocation of tasks to achieve goals simultaneously. Pivoting to a new goal. The importance of backups.

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