Plasma has shown to be the best and quickest way to disinfect air, objects and surfaces. It can be the most important way to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus by implementing the products that are already developed and by creating new solutions.

What it does

It disinfects by removing bacteria and virusses in a few seconds, eliminating pathogens without affecting the product.

Ultra-fine cleaning, no residues Gentle surface treatment No wet chemistry Air or cheap non-toxic working gases Environmental friendliness No expensive vacuum equipment Fast processing speeds Easy integration into existing production lines Promotion of wetting and adhesion

Challenges I ran into

Find companies that are able to produce in large scale and find investors to finance it.

What's next for Cold-Plasma solutions

A wide range of products developed for disinfecting hands, mouth caps, gloves and phones.

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posted an update

The company Plasma Treat is the first who has answered the call for offering solutions using plasma. They present the Plasma Sterilization cabinet. This equipment is now in the approval phase for Covid-19. Currently the bavarian red cross is using this units to desinfect their equipment.

PROCESS The 580 l sterilization cabinet contains removable mesh trays on which individual items can be placed for treatment. A version with hangers is also available for treating lightweight protective suits. Similar to gas disinfection, the highly reactive oxygen and hydroxyl radicals can even penetrate dense fabrics, where they interact with the accessible surface without causing significant damage. As with conventional disinfection methods, it is possible to treat a wide range of known materials repeatedly.

Plasma sterilization cabinet:VA standard cabinet with plastic inserts and 4 mesh trays Dimensions (l x w x h): 2100 mm x 740 mm x 800 mm Treatmenttime = 30 Minutes Deliverytime: 2-4 Weeks Costs approx. 20k€

Also checkout their news page for specific Covid-19 information

More information about their Sterilization cabinetsolution is available.

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