What inspired you? ---> most reefer and food transportation containers do not have a real time information of variables, but we have a PERSONAL TRACKER DEVICE that is both a GPS and a BLE device, connected to a server via GPRS and 3G communication stacks. We know we can get data from NODE+ CLIMA devices to a TR313 (see at www.usglobalsat.com) and that data transfer to a server where we represent data at the WEB BASED CLOUD SERVICES LEVEL. Who is your target user? ----> every food and pharma transportation company, with COLD CHAIN CONTROL of foodstuff in real time mode. What key features are you most proud of? ---> Setting alerts for ABNORMAL TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY LEVELS and be able to communicate with driver in real time to correct the problem. Also to control their whereabouts during the distribution routes. !{My image}(http://www.usglobalsat.com/images/product/large/718.jpg)

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