Our Inspiration

Being a student comes with its own challenges, managing academics along with personal life becomes extremely tedious. Doubts that take a ton of time and a lack of notes are the top problems any student faces. We have always felt the need for doubt solving and notes that are tailored to our own courses and universities.

Our Vision

We believe in working smart. So we have formulated a platform that would provide quicker reliable responses that are curated according to our own classes. A place where notes by all students attending the lectures get compiled automatically and are at the fingertips of anyone in the class.


  • Track notes from your own university courses

    • Post questions in the courses
    • Reward points on answering when accepted by the author (credit score)
    • Initial credit points on account creation
    • Credit points for accepting the answer to your own question
  • Collaborative notes

    • Ability to collect notes on the go with others
    • Create tags for each person's notes (through markdown)
    • upvote sections of markdown
    • collect important parts of notes from all peeps and show a single one for the course
  • Azure capabilities

    • Azure serverless cloud functions to ensure consistent uptime and seamless scalability
    • Azure AI Text Analytics for auto-creation of tags using topic modeling using NLP
    • Azure Analytics to managing and monitoring the project
    • Integrated CI/CD that streamlines the agile development process.
    • Cosmos DB multi-model database to make our project schema-agnostic, horizontally scalable.




Development Wireframes



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