The Problem

Textbooks are way overpriced now, and the money really adds up when you have to buy new ones every single semester. Some people prefer to make personalized, handwritten notes, probably way more digestible than going through an entire textbook. Why throw out those notes you took in that 7 AM Biology class or that $300 Anthropology textbook you barely used when you could just pass it along to the next student taking it?

We wanted to make a platform where students will collab by trading/selling old course material so that other students can still benefit from those resources and they can save money!

What it does

This web app allows students to connect with former students of a class or upperclassmen to either buy their textbook/notes or trade it for something they might already have. Users will be able to create an account where they can post the notes and books they no longer need, and they can specify if they want to trade it for other books/notes, or to sell it.

What we learned

For UI/UX, we learned how to use Figma for the wireframe, and React and Bootstrap for the front-end. We also learned how to use Google Firebase as a platform to build and deploy our application. Throughout the event, we utilized Github as a means of team collaboration.

What's next for CoLab:

We would like to add a feature that can connect students who are willing to mentor/tutor other students. Another feature would be to allow students from the same class to have a collaborative workspace and they have an option to share a mentor.

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