How does it work?

it will work on two sensors i-e RFID sensors and weight sensors and micro-controller will control both the sensors and will send the information to near by COKE Head quarter. it will first see that the product is of coke then the retailer will place that product at the specific location. Lets suppose the product is coke 500 ml which are 10 in count the weight sensors will be placed at the coke 500 ml location if the weight is below the weight fixed in that sensor then it will indicate an error and message will be pass to near by head quarter that chiller no 000001 is out of stock for coke 500 ml. After that the HQ will contact the retailer that place the coke 500 ml at its position

What does it measure?

it measures the weight of coke products and also its RFID reading of the product to ensure that the product is of Coke or not

Does the retailer/bottler/distributor have to do anything different to make your solution work? (if yes, please explain)

Yup the retailer should ensure that all the products are available in the chiller while the distributor should also deliver all the product to the retailer.

What materials does your solution require?

micro-controller, weight sensors, RFID sensors etc

Best guess on cost to implement

we still not calculate the cost

Challenges you/your team ran into

integration of all the retailer shops

What you/your team learned

when it will approved we will learn a lot \

Next steps

we will design a frustration box system for coke customers which will decrease the customer frustration

Anything else you want to add

after approval we will add some other functionality to this system

Built With

  • microcontroller
  • rfid-sensors
  • weight-sensors
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