Music is a common plateau on which people connect. It is a diverse medium many of us love and care about. From the cross-country road trips to overnight parties, music is never far behind. Yet today, there lacks a seamless way to enjoy music together with those right in front of you.

Typically, one device is plugged into the sound system, and thus the playlist is limited to the songs on the one phone. If someone else wants to share music, they must manually change devices, breaking the flow of music. One possible solution is Spotify, but that still entails for you to make your way to the device in charge.

Cojoy is a platform which allows you to create playlist with songs from multiple devices. One device acts as the host, and others simply send their own music to the host device. The devices are connected directly, bypassing the Internet and thus allowing Cojoy to be functional almost anywhere. The resulting playlist is a seamless collaboration of beautiful music that everyone helped build. No more silences, awkward breaks, and annoyances. Just enjoy music, together, with Cojoy.

Made with love by James Zhu, Max Rousseau, Nicolas Richard, and Rahul Amlekar.

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