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The inspiration for this project came from seeing the rampant exploitation of sex workers online and the never-ending attacks on their rights with regard to free speech and freedom of expression. They face constant threats of censorship by way of de-platforming and shortsighted government regulations. When they do finally find a platform, it's generally with a company that takes a disproportionately high amount of their money simply for providing dumb infrastructure on which they are allowed to operate. These companies act as modern day pimps. CoinToys started out with the aim to be a much needed first step in giving online sex workers the tools they need to fire their pimps and ignore the haters.

What it does

The flagship product, the FreeVibe is a vibrating sex toy that reacts to Bitcoin Cash payments as well as a companion website, link. The toy connects to your local WiFi network and allows you to configure it using your web browser. The user is able to register payment addresses which the toy will react to. When a payment is sent to one of the user's registered addresses, the toy will react in real-time by vibrating with a duration and intensity proportional to the payment amount.

Challenges I ran into

IOT is tough because not only do you have all the same concerns as traditional web development but you're also building circuits and diagnosing sometimes cheaply made components. Then on top of that, you have write the firmware that gets them talking to the web.

What's next for CoinToys

We have some improvements to make to the current platform, but realistically we've got an iOT platform (and two connected products) that are ready to respond to the blockchain! The possibilities are vast!!

Previous work built upon

A few years ago, Nicholas built a circuit capable of watching for transactions on the BCH blockchain. In actuality, we had to completely rebuild that circut, however.

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