We've always been fascinated by Bitcoin, but we also realize that there's a shroud of mystery surrounding it in the general public. So we started thinking: how could we make Bitcoin more accessible?

With our interest in algorithms and data visualization, we started sifting through the complexities of Bitcoin trading. Normal financial markets are already confusing to most people, and adding in an internet cryptocurrency only makes things worse.

Though we initially focused on developing Machine Learning algorithms, we quickly realized that there's a need for a consistent backtesting, dry-running, and visualization framework in python for rapid prototyping of strategies.

So, we made CoinTK to help everyone understand but also be involved in Bitcoin trading. With our backtesting and visualization toolkit, anyone can spin up a trading strategy and see its performance within minutes!

Our platform can be broken down into three parts:

CoinTK: An open-sourced framework for rapid prototyping and testing of Bitcoin trading strategies.

BitBox-Server, a webserver built on CoinTK for backtesting and dry running prototype strategies (remote control coming soon!).

BitBox, an iOS App integrated with the BitBox-Server and CoinTK python scripts for monitoring, analyzing, and (soon) initializing backtests on a BitBox server while on the go.

We put an emphasis on documenting our project and making it easy for new users to get started. Head over here to get started!

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