Practice of putting a small amount of physical coin/bill as a token of appreciation into a (live street) performer's hat is common now and has been for a very long time.

We reincarnate that tradition and Artist's Hat getting passed around and filled by coins yet this time it's done online with music video and payment through Ethereum coins!

Minimum pay is $1 in Apple/Google/Spotify music services due to high credit card/Bank fees however we think low transaction fee of CryptoCurrency payment (less than 1 cent for Ethereum) is opening a new market and business opportunity for artists and music industry. Our business is designed for 1) large number of micro payments in Ethereum and 2) Shop for Collectible. Ethereum as public immutability distributed ledger provides transparency to Artists on donations from fans and collectible purchases so they don't need to rely on trust to platform.

Platform enables artists to have collectible shops to sell physical goods and virtual (non-fungible token) collectibles.


Often video of artist performance is posted by a 3rd party (a tourist, fan or somebody trying to make a profit) and the artist or producer is not making money from it nor is aware of it.

For example a tourist posts an amateur video of a known artists or a tourist posts a street performance of an anonymous artist.


We use Ether currency and Ethereum Blockchain try to address different aspects of the problem:

1) With Ether users who don't typically donate full dollar amounts now would be comfortable donating to indie artists with small cent as they hit Like button. 2) Blockchain make every part of the system public (every small donation and remursement to uploader of video and platform fees are all public) with clear incentives to Artist, Uploader, Owner and Platform. 3) Platform (and public) has published rules and incentive to find anonymous artist in videos and reward them with donations (or donations go to charity upon long time expiration) 4) Viewers get transparency and choice on viewing for free with 4 second skipable ads (like YouTube) or skipping ads altogether with small Ethereum payments and knowing they are directly supporting artists not just 3rd party.

Tech Stack

We are using Zeppelin OS and solution above is nicely similar to Zeppelin Basil ! Instead of RGB value we simply put uploaded Video ID and for the hackathon use Rinkeby (and can do Mainnet if we want to). We are bringing up a custom domain name on Friday 25th and setting up DNS etc with sample video on website and user can hit Like and make Rinkeby Ethereum Donations on videos! Contract also emits Non-Fungible tokens for each donation with VideoID on it to the paying fan to hold on too... One day if the artist becomes really famous that may be a huge on it's own...


Experience in Blockchain/CryptoCurrency, Full-Stack Development, big data/data science, web development, ad targeting etc.



See (Setup for Ethereum Rinkebey network)



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