We are inspired by Bitcoin usage and how it is so important in trading especially Buying an Selling

How it works

User sends an SMS to 51115 with desired text content and recieives Bitcoin information through sms without any internet or smartphones. • Send SMS @coinsecure to 51115 • Third-party sms gateway receives sms which was sent and sends HTTP request to our web server • Websever inturn calls Coinsecure API and sends Json response to server. • Web sever recives and sends backs required parameters which user specified in sms to sms gateway. • Finally SMS deliverd with requested details

Challenges I ran into

• Main challenge we faced was we were unware of bitcoin. we took time to understand it first. • API which we found in website is wrongly mapped got little bit consfused(highest & lowest rate for last 24hrs is interchanged in API). • To use alerts we need push sms gateway and integration of alerts of user sepcific was a challenge to us we finnaly succeded.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We proud to make this available OFFLINE without Internet and smartphones and no worries of going online checking every time

What I learned

I learnt few things about Bitcoin. Especially what it is

What's next for Coinsecure Through SMS

• Can include Balance Enquiry • Can Buy, Sell or send, Receive Bitcoin • Last 3 transactions can be viewed • Get Bitcoin deposit address • Setup secret PIN

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