What does the Pirate Brain behind Coins of the Seven Seas do?

  1. To begin, your picture of a Spanish real or escudo from the 17th or 18th century is processed: cropped, resized, and turned into an array of its pixel RGB values.
  2. Next, the neural network uses weights from up tp 200 epochs of training to decide if your picture is a real or escudo.

Development Challenges

I struggled to find an appropriate development environment for my project. I started with Eclipse Pydev, but found that a Jupyter Notebook would be a better fit for the amount of data visualization I needed to do in the early stages of image processing. I also make a few mistakes I'll be able to prevent in future projects, one of which was attempting to use Tensorflow using the unsupported Python 3.9. My biggest struggle during coding was fitting the image data into the current format for the neural network since it requires a specific number of dimensions to convert into a tensor.

Built With

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