What inspired us was just the impact of our actions from the simple fact that we learned something new. When we learned how impactful we are, we realize the responsibility it carrys.

What it does

CoinPrint is a applications that has two main functions. The first is to inform, the user imputs their card into the software and we are able to track it to show what impacts they are making to the earth. The second function is to encourage change and to make green options as frictionless as possible.

How we built it

We built it using the Figma system

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we ran into was no one used Figma before haha. But we all wanted to learn and gain experience from this hackathon. The other challenge we ran into was communication, for most (if not all) of us english is our second language and Covid has separated us. We have to use our words effectively to solve our issues instead of pointing to the screen directly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are all glad that we decided to use Figma, as now I feel like I can make anything. And for me personally, this was my first ever hackathon. I was always to shy and anxious, so I am proud I was able to compete!

What we learned

We have learned the basics of Figma, as well as teamwork in the digital age. I think the most import aspect of programming is teamwork. Sure when you study you are alone, but when you get a job it is important to work together.

What's next for CoinPrint

I think we really made a good project, so I think we are interested into developing it further. My background is in Xcode, so I would love to make it into a living breathing thing. Plus I really like my team members so I would start a new project with them in a heartbeat!

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