I'm giving presentations on cryptocurrencies to students and faculty at UW-Madison. The market prices for cryptocurrencies change with extreme price differences every day. Therefore, I needed graphs that could keep pace with the most recent market information.

What it does

By pushing one button, a web query is run with the coinmarketcap API which imports data into excel and processes that data to find the cryptocurrency names and market capitalization for each cryptocurrency. Then, the formulas in excel populate the excel pie chart. Then, the link between the excel chart and my powerpoint slides refresh updating my graphs in powerpoint.

How I built it

I processed most of the code in VBA. The VBA processes the get objects.

Challenges I ran into

Microsoft Office Products do not operate well together on mac computers. Windows is a much better operating system for microsoft office products.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The system saves me over a half hour of work each time I run it!!!

What I learned

I learned how to use the coinMarketCap API for extracting relevant information on cryptocurrencies.

What's next for coinMarketCapToPowerPointSlidesCode

I'm going to work creating more visual aids.

Built With

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