This project was inspired by one of Janice's experiences with subscription services. Once, when she was looking to buy a textbook for classes she was unable to because she was out of funds. What had happened was that her Amazon subscription had just been renewed and she was left without funds without realizing, due in part to her terrible memory when it comes to subscriptions. We figured there should be an easy way to prevent a new charge from happening.

What it does

The purpose of the app is to show a notification when a bill is about to be due and also show provide two options: to renew or cancel a particular subscription. We thought the best way to avoid going through the hoops of unsubscribing it would be best to change an user's payment method for an empty gift card.

How we built it

The app was built mainly using python. The selenium module was used to take a screenshot of a streaming service's subscription website and then scrap the relevant information (bill amount and the date the bill is due) using the website's HTML tags.

Challenges we ran into

We spent a lot of time on extensive parsing and formatting the data to match the fields of class structures that were built for the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the scripting we were able to achieve to automatically fill in and change payment info for platforms, achieving the purpose of our app.

What we learned

Compiling information from multiple platforms is a difficult task because they all don't follow the same formats, thus, we found that we had to customize each method for each individual subscription platform.

What's next for coinhero!

Getting empty gift cards information to be used in the app. Researching more efficient ways to extract data. Adding more subscription service support to the app

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