Inspiration: Being an International Student, it is sometimes hard to figure out what each coin is and what their value is. Therefore, we are hoping that this app could extend to other currencies (the app only functions for US coins) so that any tourist doesn't have to lose their minds in figuring out the combination.

What it does: As hinted in the 'Inspiration' box, this app allows the users to do two things - explore what object (in particular, coins) they are looking at, and what is the optimal combination of coins a user can give for a certain amount of cents.

How we built it: This app was built using the Android Studio application. We primarily used Java language to create different methods that would allow the app to execute the tasks that we wanted it to do. Apart from that, we integrated the Google Cloud Vision API into our app so that we have an option for the user to understand the objects they are looking at.

Challenges we ran into: Being new to this environment, we first had an issue about how to plan our app development. We also ran into different errors especially while integrating the Google Cloud Vision API to our app. Since we had few hours, we thought that we would first create two different kinds of applications and then work on it together to combine it into one.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are happy to see the app working. During our final stage, we noticed that when the user would backspace in the 'enter your amount...' editText, the app would crash. It was satisfying to figure out the try-catch code to prevent such problematic exceptions.

What we learned:1. We learned how hackathon really works. 2. How a team is important in an especially time-constraining environment. 3. Technical Skills: We all were new to creating apps. Therefore, it is satisfying to have a functional app by the end of a hackathon wherein we had no idea what we were getting into.

What's next for CoinED: This application only works for US coins. We want this app to work for all available currencies. We would also like to create this app with our own machine learning tools so that we could make the image recognition more accurate for coins.

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