Cryptocurrencies and smart contracts are becoming increasingly relevant in recent times. Bitcoins have recently reached an all time high ~$6000 USD a piece, while DogeCoins have been used to sponsor a Jamaican bobsleigh team, and even a Nascar driver.

With the rise of Blockstack and the need for decentralized applications, we felt that it was crucial to have a decentralized portfolio management tool.

What it does

Coindex is a cryptocurrency token portfolio manager built on top of blockstack, which is a decentralized internet on top of a blockchain. Our project keeps track of the various wallets of the three major coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) and allows you to review all recent transactions and market trends.

Coindex also uses machine learning to suggest profitable investments in crypto-tokens.

How we built it

Coindex is a web app (node.js), using Blockstack as a backend/database.

What's next for Coindex

Implement more of the machine learning API's to it in order to be able to provide recommendations for future purchases, based on buyer's tendencies and the likeliness of a currency to rise in value.

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