As of the morning of April 8, 2018, the total market cap in cryptocurrency was $263 billion. Just 36 hours earlier, a bootstrapping and enterprising startup founder lamented his plight.

He wanted to invest in cryptocurrency, but it seemed difficult to get into. He was concerned about the risks and he didn't know anyone else who was investing.

The seed of an idea was born.


It's hard to get started with crypto investments.

  1. There's no safe way to do it.
  2. It's scary to do it alone.
  3. It's difficult to understand.

What We Built

CoinCache is a social investment app that enables you to invest in crypto with your risk tolerance in mind and guides you through the process.

No longer are you alone in the venture; with CoinCache, you can see where people are putting their money.


  • Experience community: See who else is investing in the same group, and contribute to their pot.
  • Invest with safeguards: Our system takes you out of an investment before it becomes too risky.
  • Create a new investment group: Our proprietary algorithm matches you to people with a complementary investment strategy.
  • Join an investment group: Join friends in their investing adventures.
  • See your current wallet balance in both USD and Bitcoin.
  • Get push notifications on the status of your investments.
  • Choose your risk tolerance: 1) Want to dabble in cryptocurrency without a huge loss? Use the Safe strategy. 2) Like to live dangerously? Try for a high risk, high reward Gain strategy.

Built with

We built CoinCache with bcoin, Javascript, Node.JS, Swift, and Sketch.


The largest challenge we had was understanding bcoin and using it in our project.


A notable team accomplishment was utilizing our own computers to host the backend.


This team was comprised of the following individuals:

  • A UI/UX Designer learning to code in Swift
  • A Swift software engineer learning to design
  • Frontend engineers learning backend engineering

Suffice to say, everyone learned something new and received peer mentorship while working on this project.

Next Steps

We're planning to further build out a feature that allows socially conscious investors to donate a portion of their capital gains to vetted organizations. In addition, future versions of this app may allow investments in multiple cryptocurrencies.

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