I am a passionate developer who is fascinated by the evolution of crypto currencies. I strongly believe that usage of fiat currencies would be a thing of the past and it can be found only in the museum in the next 20 years.

This bot provides the current crypto currency price. User can use the code of the currency viz., XBT for bitcoin or just say bitcoin to get the current price.

I leveraged combination of AWS platforms. I used Amazon lex to host my bot. Leveraged Amazon lambda to host the functions and handlers. Configured facebook messenger as the chatbot channel. Used Kraken API for crypto currency price.

Some of the challenges that I ran in to are related to the way to get the latest currency prices.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of is to host my first bot combining various technology stack.

What I learned - Bot development, Configuring Facebook Messenger

What's next for Coinbot - A full blown crypto currency platform that provides notifications, alerts, portfolio management, comparison reports, news, charts and much more.

Built With

  • amazon-lex
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