Recently, websites have started implementing coin miners that use a visitors CPU power to mine cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum without your permission. Additionally, this slows down the user's computer significantly and reduces battery life. While this is just the beginning, websites may stray away from ads and consider mining as a means of earning revenue.

What it does

CoinBlock is a chrome extension that blocks a website that tries to use your CPU to mine cryptocurrency. It is loaded with four main features: Run Blocker, Pause For 15 minutes, Add to Blacklist, Add to Whitelist. Users can use these functions to customize their experience with a specific website.

How I built it

I used javascript and html to create the extension. The user can use the buttons on the extension to call any of the four features mentioned above.

Challenges I ran into

Determining what website has a miner or not was a difficult task. Some mining websites hide their miners and it can be pretty difficult to detect a miner. However, I was able to detect the miners and able to block them without any issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I believe the UI design is sleek and the extension does what it exactly has to do.

What I learned

I learned a lot about programming using JS and HTML.

What's next for CoinBlock

Put it up on the Chrome store and share it with friends and family to prevent any wrong deeds against other people.

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