The "Ask Me Anything" with a twist: you upvote questions by sending them Bitcoin. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "vote with your wallet".. but probably never quite like this.

You can ask anyone anything and back that question with Bitcoin (or, if someone else likes your question they too can place a Bitcoin bounty on its answer). When the subject answers the question they will receive the BTC paid out to their own account as a reward.

Alternatively: are you interesting? Conduct your own "Ask Me Anything" and receive Bitcoin for answering questions from interested parties!

Apart from identity verification when answering questions (to make sure you're the person to whom the question was asked) everything is completely anonymous! You can ask and upvote questions without EVER logging in, entering personal details, or creating an account!

Check it out now at Tweet me @braddwyer with any questions (or ask me on Coinama and we can dogfood this thing!)

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