Executive summary

The program we’re currently developing will be useful in different ways to the various parties involved in this process, this will be accomplished by generating useful data that measures how well workers are thriving in their environment. In short, the main output of this program is a concise report of how a farm is doing based on various useful metrics, like how much water farmers are consuming, among other things. In order to acquire the aforementioned metrics, our program will give workers a clear idea of the resources they are entitled to during their work shift and remind them of these resources, requesting the farmers to input their usage of these resources, so their total usage of them at the end of the day may be measured.

This program will benefit farm leaders and OSHA by allowing them to have a good idea of how farmers are doing, this is achieved by providing them a report that allows farm owners to see particular cases in which they may need to intervene. This may also help OSHA in a similar manner by providing them data they can compare between hundreds of farms all over the country and, in this way, give them a better idea of what issues there are in the farming sector that need to be worked on. All of this will, ultimately, help the farm workers, by providing farm owners to have a better idea of specific cases they may be involved in, and OSHA an idea of how farms in general are performing in order to determine what steps they should take moving forward, it is not an understatement to say that it’s very likely that special cases will be easier to find and target, such that through more direct and local intervention farm workers in general are able to have a better understanding of their rights.


1. The project will be built intended for an IOS platform. The way the app is meant to work depends on the type of user that’s using it at the time. Farmers will have a status bar displaying how much of their allotted bathroom breaks, drinks and general break time they’ve used. When a farmer has spent a long time without having done any of these three, the app will remind them to do so, afterwards they’ll be prompted to input how much they drank/how long they rested for. Team leaders will be able to see the different workers in their team as well as their current status bars. At the end of the day, the data from the day will be collected into the database, this data will be the Farm owners will be able to see a report of the data that has been collected, this report should also be available for OSHA to use.

2. By the end of tonight the complete interface should be designed. The database should be up and running and the main functionalities for the classes should be all there. By tomorrow morning everything should be done, the focus should be in ensuring all the pieces work together and ensuring the app is stable and functional.

Team Lead

1. Team Lead: Bryan Posso. Email: bposso00@gmail.com

2. Specific Area management:

o Database: Jean Peña

o Analysis Tools: Jocelyn Argueta

o App Design: Bryan Posso

o Functionality: Daniel Oliveros and Suhail Prasathong

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