Created for HackHarvard 2017

By Austin Hwang, Manasi Maheshwari, Victor Qin, Lin Zhu.

Using the Microsoft Azure Computer Vision API and Face API, CognoSeer takes event analytics to the next level. Every event planner knows how hard it is to find accurate stats about how their event went and use that to inform future plans. How many people showed up? What demographics attended in higher numbers? How did people feel during the event? All this information and more can be used to evaluate the performance of an event and provide planners with much needed information about it.

Best of all, it's crowd-sourced. Instead of having to rely on their own limited set of photographs, planners can get images from participants. By using both their own images and those images from attendees, organizers get a vastly greater pool of data through Cognoseer.

How to Use:

  1. Upload images by dragging and dropping or selecting through file viewer.
  2. Enter the image index of the photo that you want to analyze.
  3. Click 'Analyze Image' and let CognoSeer do its magic!

Future Features:

  1. Use facial recognition to organize albums by individuals in the photos.
    • Users can opt in or out of having their photos shared.
    • Enable user and admin accounts to identify specific people in photos.
  2. Share event album photos by unique URL.
  3. Allow event organizers to restrict/allow access to event statistics.
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