Studio B Flat wants to help small - large businesses build mobile/wearable/vr on-boarding experiences - easy style

1st: Building on-boarding experiences is a pain. A developer wants to explain, and highlight key aspects of the flow while not providing too much info at once. This is always a pretty custom development project for each deliverable. 2nd: Conversation with a knowledgable person, pointing out features, is sometimes the best way to learn how to use a new app experience.

Lets build a composable on-boarding SDK that can be plugged into any mobile app, and allow a non tech user to compose the on-boarding experience through generating a chat interface, highlight key UI elements, and create scene changes that are triggered by code AND trigger other code. Thus allowing a realtime updatable chat flow that potentially allows a user to: • signup • answer questions • see animations and highlighted UI elements • navigate through branching UI flows.

Finally imagine your watch chatting with text bubbles while it highlights certain parts of the UI on you phone. That wearable assistant helping you out!

What it does

Currently the app allows you to:

  1. enable the 'Compose' screen over the top of you app, with a triple tap.
  2. Add a chat
  3. Use the Focus button, to add a button chat bubble. Then add multiple buttons into the chat bubble.
  4. Buttons can add 'actions' so that they can trigger code paths.
  5. Delete chats. delete buttons
  6. Syncs with Firebase
  7. Syncs with apple watch


  1. Finish the 'pacing' capability - allow a user to have the chats metered out to a user with a certain pace between each chat.
  2. Allow UI element selection for highlighting and a multi select to decide on the element selected (Compose UI will dismiss during this process to allow pressing of anywhere on the mobile screen.)
  3. Allow other types of chats.
  4. Build in multi tenant system.
  5. Build 'Scene change system so that the chat interface for the end user will fade in and out depending on triggers to onboarding phases.
  6. Package up as a framework.

How I built it

Written in Swift using Firebase and a few other open source libraries for the chat view.

Challenges I ran into

Wanted to do some auth with Fabric and Firebase. Didnt work. Apple watch issues until I got the right serialization of the NSObjects working.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I like the flow of how the chat build out works. I'm excited to experiment with different layouts so that the compose tool will 'intelligently' exist in the UI.

What I learned

Hadn't played with Firebase before. Was going to do couchbase but with the timelimits I didnt want to battle with server setup. Firebase worked out fine, I like it a bunch actually!

What's next for Cognize • Conversational Onboarding on Mobile/Wearable

Cognize will continue to have its feature set built out. I would like to release a version in the next month or two with the base compose system completed along with a web system that provides development tokens so that people can pay and then use the library. Android and VR focus is next after that. Getting VR to have a conversational on-boarding composer will be a key experience as we welcome people to the VR world.

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