Appian being low code is an exciting platform to work. It is always a prioritized choice to develop a digital solution POC in a tight timeframe with low overheads. Current digital trends and their day to day application in power utility domain is a very intriguing topic where it is always felt that ‘let’s add some more to the sauce..’
Appian’s seamless mobile interface and integration capability are key considerations to build such solutions which can be used by on field technicians and does not cause interference in their work task.

What it does

Cognizant’s Digital Claims Solution attempts to solve some of these problems by enabling insurance companies to automate the Property claim intake, registration, authentication as well as the settlement processes. This will ensure a smooth and seamless claim experience for the customer, and also lead to optimization of resources and efforts towards handling those claims. About Cognizant’s Smart Claims solution: Enabling Insurers to process claims efficiently & make intelligent claims decisions Cognizant’s Smart Claims Solution enables insurance companies to automate the end-to-end claims process and detect adverse claim scenarios like fraud detection; leading to faster and accurate processing of claims. The solution also includes a smart detection and alerting module to identify property risks and increase customer awareness on hazards that may lead to potential claims. This in turn motivates safer homes and secured living. Some of the major benefits of this solution include:  Enhanced Customer Experience through Smart Claims Intake - through multiple intake channels like emails, social channels, web chat-bots, mobile calls, mobile app etc.  Reduced fraud – by leveraging analytical models to predict fraud, severity of claims, estimate losses  Reduced Cost of claim - by not just reducing operational costs but also claim instances  Claim Avoidance – by helping insured customers avoid claims (through continuous monitoring of customer behavior) rather than simply handling claims

How I built it

This solution has been integrated with Appian Intelligent Contact center for initiating and getting customer queries. Claim Validations will happen by system without manual intervention. Also AI component has been used to identify the customer based on the various criteria and alert them via email and message communication.

Challenges I ran into

Faced challenge to integrate and troubleshoot Appian ICC due to system communication issues. Also faced difficulty to identify the component to perform better image comparison.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

Learned about the architecture and configuration of Appian ICC and also learned Appian new features like Gadget and various UI components.

What's next for Cognizant Smart Claims Solution.

We are planning to integrate with drone,CCTV and smart home for the more automation,

Built With

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