Background & Challenges Today

Contact Centre today is a source of value creation and customer service is a Key Strategic Imperative and organizations need to stay ahead of customer needs and expectations which needs a proactive mindset with the goal of customer advocacy and product differentiation. Research shows that 75% of people would do business with a company based on a great call center experience, customers stop doing business with a company due to sub-optimum customer experience: Service variability across channels, inability to provide personalized experience and service differentiation. In the digital age, technology-enabled customers are getting smarter every day and are always looking for something more: a rewarding experience that leads to a long-lasting relationship with a business, while companies are mired in the same old ways of doing business.

Cognizant's Digital Contact Centre solution can help enable the digital shift for organizations across industries to provide superior customer experience and transform their contact centre operations.

Solution Value Proposition

  • A truly digital contact center redefining customer experience from start to finish. Orchestrates digital interactions and mobile apps, alongside traditional interaction for enhanced customer satisfaction & experience across various touch-points in the customer journey
  • Enhanced revenue potential due to greater understanding of customer needs and more cross-sell / up-sell opportunities through Cognitive AI/ML models
  • AI powered chat-bots to handle customer service requests for customer service differentiation and improved customer experience
  • Superior Agent Experience to deliver personalized resolutions and Greater First-Call Resolution (FCR) rate
  • Leverage Cognitive capabilities to gather insights on customer experience on social media.
  • Automated case creation and intelligent routing to bots and agents
  • Better Contact Center analytics - Continuous Performance Assessment metrics to increase operational efficiency & boost revenue through insights.

Solution Build & Features

  • The solution is built on Appian v18.1 and leverages the latest and the best of the breed capabilities that Appian provides.
  • The solution leverages Appian's record capabilities to provide the perfect Digital Overlay with comprehensive 360⁰ views of Customer that can cut across silos to unify relevant data and systems
  • Modern, Dynamic UI dashboards for Agents, Managers and Back-office staffs that significantly help transform Call Centre operations
  • Seamless Omni-Channel Capabilities that support interactions over Telephone, Email, Mobile, Web to provide a complete digital experience
  • Used Twilio to accomplish Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) Integration for a unified agent desktop experience - used Appian v18.1's web content layout to embed agent chat and CTI interface.
  • Embedded SAIL and Appian Web API to display customer info based on caller's phone # for customer identification.
  • The solution utilizes Amazon's AI/Machine Learning models for insights into customer behavior based on spending patterns and demographics.
  • Leveraged Amazon's lex service to build AI powered conversational chatbots to enable digital self-service and interactions connected with Appian WebAPI's.
  • The solution also leverages Google's Natural Language Processing API's to gather insights from social media sites like Facebook to provide sentiment analysis and enables agents to provide responses to customer queries.
  • Integration with MuleSoft API's to retrieve customer account info from other systems
  • Intelligent process automation using RPA supported by automated case creation, intelligent routing.
  • Twilio API's for SMS notification, Voice Recording of incoming calls along with access to recordings and tone analysis.

Challenges & Lessons Learnt

Integrating the CTI interface within Appian - this required building a customer java app which was then embedded inside Appian's SAIL interface. Leveraging Lex service to build AI-powered chat-bots for different digital channels. Retrieving the call recordings and performing tone/voice analysis that can be embedded within Appian

Road Ahead

Cognizant's Contact Centre solution can cater to all industry verticals and will help customers adopt a forward-looking digital transformation strategy by leveraging Appian for building contact centre solutions. Cognizant intends to add newer and enhanced digital capabilities to the solution with increased collaboration to enable remote call center agents and include AI powered deep learning on the contact centre operations side to provide deeper insight into operations and also build additional use cases specific to industries on top of the framework to help customers do more with Appian. Overall, we want to build solutions that will result in innovation for customers and within the organization.

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