Inspiration: Requirement of a personal health assistant who can guide on health related topics and perform related tasks with ease

What it does: Cognizant Health Aide is a conversational (voice & text chat) health assistant. It helps users with booking doctor’s appointment, ordering medicine online, providing information on diseases, exercises, medicines and their side effects, precautions, alternatives, medicine interactions etc.,

How I built it: Cognizant Health Aide uses the capabilities of various AWS services like LEX, LAMBDA, COGNITO and SNS to provide a seamless conversation (both speech and text) with the user. It is built on LEX conversational framework. The conversational flow is controlled through LAMBDA which makes the bot proactive in the conversation and leads the user from one intent to another. COGNITO is used for mobile application’s authentication and SNS is used to send SMS to the user’s mobile when required.

Challenges I ran into: Training the bot to understand the medicine and disease names through voice. Conversation spanning across intents and necessity to manage the flow using Lambda. Making the conversation style to be a bot initiated and driven.

What's next for Cognizant Health Aide: Enhancing with medicine, disease and exercise vocabulary, integration with third party services for Doctor booking and online medicine ordering

Built With

  • aws-cognito
  • aws-lambda
  • aws-lex
  • aws-sns
  • cognito
  • lambda
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