Since IOT is the new thing and hardware is booming up, for this hackathon we wanted to create a real time application which is challenging and which can help us solve real life problems. We also wanted to use some sponsor APIs to be considered for sponsor API prizes as well ;) :P

What it does

Muse headbands detect EEG signals and give important health information along with brain activity. Utilizing the brain activity data, we created an application which detects blinking of the user which in turn is used to communicate an emergency situation or an immediate help required. We sample a moving average of EEG Signals and send important and timely information about abnormal deviation in brain activity to their doctors without being on monitor continuously.

Longest Stack

We use Muse Band, muse io, linux, osc, python, mailServer, textMessageServer, firebase, javascript, html, css

How we built it

MuseBand ->Socket Connection-> Python Server -> Feed analysis->Notfications

  • We used the MUSE SDK research tool to receive data out of the muse band. We forward feeds to python server on UDP socket and analyse the data. Since we are not from medical background, we did some manual analysis on how we can utilize the data. We had to (not very sad about it ;P) watch various videos to analyse different brain situations.
  • We used python to analyse EEG data, computed standard deviation on it and plotted the sampled time series data using matplot. When the fluctuation on standard deviation was high we save it and send a mail notification.
  • We used SparkPost to compose the mail with the attachment of EEG data for the doctor.
  • We also monitored blinking using MUSE api and once number of blinks were more than normal, using text message API and Firebase callback API we inform the caretaker.

Challenges we ran into

We can all crib about what we didnt have(example: WIFI), but since all were on the same page, I do not believe we have rights to complain about it. Anyways, the biggest challenge was to analyse the data we got from Muse band. Having very less time, we wanted an application which can show some basic operation but can still successfully show the future implication of the band. Another challenge was to integrate various platforms into one and use various API references and integrate them. Something that I believe was a challenge, even for the mentors was to walk all the way to tents in this cold for chilling food.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successful integration of muse headband with its research tools
  • Integration of various apis by firebase, facebook and sparkpost with various platforms(python, javascript)
  • Networking between device, server and web platform.
  • Developing our first hardware hack successfully.

What we learned

  • Muse headband, what its outputs mean, how to handle it
  • Free email and message sending services available online
  • Resolving dependencies between hardware and handling incompatibilities
  • Integrating a cloud database like firebase with real-time input device like muse headband
  • Socket Programming

What's next for CogniWave

  • No disabled person would die in the slumber of night without being able to ask for help
  • Disabled can get what they wish from where ever and whom ever they want just by their thoughts and blink of an eye.
  • Prestige and Illusionist in real world. Telepathy a part and parcel of our life. Using brain activity to move mountains.
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