One of the biggest challenges of the health care system in our country is the elevated drug prices which are often out of reach for economic middle and lower class people. A survey conducted by a known agency states that people are paying around 50% to 200% higher rates (MRP) for medicines at local pharmacy stores as compared to the actual market price. They further added that Doctors are prescribing medicines of the company they have a tie up with to gain monetary benefits.

During this pandemic we have seen an unprecedented rise in the MRP for generic medicines which has created chaos across the country.

What it does

Creating a digital solution (Web application) which will detect the generic name of the medicine being prescribed by a Doctor. By using the generic name along with chemical composition, the application will further extract various options available in the market which have same chemical compositions and CDSCO approval.

The application will not only display the medicine details from different sources but also provide the cost and the link from where it can be purchased online at discounted rates.

How we built it

We have created a web application using AARI which acts as a front face for the consumer who can input the drug name and dosage details as prescribed by a doctor and as soon as they click on Submit button it will trigger the BOT which will fetch similar drugs details with same composition by navigating through different pharmacy portals and display in the web page. Consumer can buy the medicines after comparing the discounted rated being offered by pharmacy stores.

Challenges we ran into

The solution was not easy to build as there are numerous drugs available in the market with various chemical compositions so we have to tackle this by creating a database with thousands of drug details along with the chemical composition.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really happy to build this solution as during this pandemic we have seen an unprecedented rise in the MRP for generic medicines which has created chaos across the country. Cognitive pharmacy will help consumers to compare the prices of medicines from different brands easily at a click of a button and gives them the flexibility to buy the medicines at a cheaper rate.

What we learned

We have able to explore AARI here. A web application or a front face can be created very easily in a short span of time using AARI.

What's next for Cognitive Pharmacy

Enhancement plans are as follows: a) Enhancement/beatification of the web page b) To add authentication window to login to the web portal c) To add URL link against each medicine detail displayed in the webpage which allows the user to go directly to the payment portal of the pharmacy store. d) BOT to fetch the details via API

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