At starters we didnt know what to do, only that it had to do something with health. Then i remember that a friend of mine once told me that her grandfather had alzheimer and sometimes went for a walk without anyone knowing and then got lost, so they had to go search for him. Thats when i thought that an app might help solve the problem-

What it does

You can sign up as a helper or as a person who needs help. if you are a person who needs help you also get access to some brain games and you will find a button that you can press if you dont know your way back home. The app will auomatically send a message to a center that will check if there are any helpers nearby and will send them a message of where the lost person is.

How we built it

We created the app with MIT AppInventor.

Challenges we ran into

There weren't any.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

How to create an app really easily and in a very fast way.

What's next for Cognitive Companion

A version where AI will recognize if the person who needs help is out of their normal zone of living and will automatically send a message to the center. And a link so you can talk with a health care provider about any questions that they might have about alzheimer.

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