By SpellCast#4196 (backend), narutopig#0960 (frontend), and EkansTCG#8840


Studying is hard. Especially when there are paywalled tools out there.

What it does

This is an app to help studying (it has sets of flashcards), an account and google oauth system,and more. It also has a tailored restapi.

How we built it

-Gin gonic and golang for the backend and restapi -React and typescript for the frontend

Challenges we ran into

-CSS -Using firebase; I (gaurav Bansal) had never used firebase before with as much intensity, so I had to overcome many challenges with using it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Being able to establish a working restapi and backend with golang, and being able to get data from the firestore db.

  • Being able to make a working app with Oauth, etc.
  • Having decent css

What we learned

  • How to use Firebase well
  • How to create a quiz app
  • Handle oauth

repo is currently private

What's next for Cognitio

  • Probably going to launch it into a productionscale project

Built With

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