We've witnessed firsthand how the current COVID19 situation has resulted in the implementation of #stayhome policies. This has raised concern about the mental health of people since socialising has been limited to virtual ones. It would be important to keep track of how one is feeling and allow other people to know what is going on so that there is a community involved.

Our Idea

We want to start a positive movement where we can understand how people are feeling each day, and send in help when required.

Users will be asked how they are feeling daily.

What do users get: social affirmation, ~positive vibes~, promote positive mental health What can users do:

  • Post motivational messages to a public message board (images / text)
  • Track their daily emotions (display the information as a chart for them to keep track)
  • Like each other’s messages (limited number of likes)

What we plan to build it with

Languages: Javascript APIs: NONE Hardware: Laptops Host: Netlify Libraries: jQuery, React.js UI Kits: Semantic UI Frameworks: React

Foreseeable blockers/challenges

We would love to have more like-minded individuals onboard who would like to spread some positivi-tea together in this trying period of time! Seeking experienced developers who would like to contribute.

note: previously known as coFit

Built With

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