Note: Please have a look at the report submitted in the github repository submitted to know about CoFind in more detail. You should be able to find the pdf in the root of the repository itself inside the _report folder. Also you should be able to find the apk in the drive link uploaded. Currently this app has been tested in Android only. So please view it on an Android device only.


With the sudden surge in demand for healthcare support, the second wave of COVID-19 brought India's healthcare system to its knees. With such a large number of individuals beings affected by COVID, we soon realized that one of the biggest problems people were facing was getting access to verified resources for oxygen, blood serum donors, hospital beds, vaccinations and testing. This was when developing an application - CoFind - struck us as a good and required solution for this large yet common problem that people were facing.

What it does

Note Currently as part of this hackathon we may not be able to approve the request sent(we may not be able to check the app regularly). So if you wish to see volunteer's pages, please use the following credentials: Email: Password: 123456

There are three main functionalities of this app:

  • It gives the users a list of resources that can be filtered on the basis of the type of resources as well as the location **of the resource.
  • One can log in to the app as a volunteer to verify the leads received for the various resources increasing the efficiency and utility of the app.
  • The contact list of the nearest doctors based on location, providing the users with easy access to medical advice from professionals at the earliest.

How we built it

We have used flutter (used to develop cross-platform applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web) and google firebase for the backend services required in the app.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting our flutter application with Firebase was quite challenging. Although packages exist which make the connection between flutter and firebase simpler we had several issues in mapping data. At the flutter end, state management created a lot of trouble. Initially, we had not thought of integrating any CI/CD with our application since we felt it was time consuming. But as the app grew, state handling became worrisome and even broke down the entire application. This is when we realised the importance of flutter tests and CI/CD.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

CoFind - The application which we have built and are still improving will most definitely impact a lot of people - people in need. Being able to use our knowledge and skills to help the community is what we consider as our biggest accomplishment through this project. The fact that we can impact people's lives and make a positive change in the community is what is keeping our team motivated and will help us in making the application even versatile and useful in the future.

What's next for CoFind

We plan on implementing more useful and practical features, hopefully making the app a one-stop-shop for all COVID related support.

A few of the ideas which we are planning to implement and add to CoFind are:

  • A crowd severity indicator that would inform the users about crowding hotspots and areas to avoid. Places are marked safe and unsafe depending on the expected density of the crowd. The severity would be indicated by three colours: green, yellow, and red; green being the safest and red is the most unsafe. (Inspiration from Cherub:
  • The current version of CoFind provides the contact details of doctors. We plan to add a feature where people can chat and communicate with the doctors on the app itself.
  • The current version of CoFind only provides details of resources already present, but we can add functionality to enable the user to request specific resources.
  • We will soon be adding the functionality to enable the user to make specific resource requests making the application even more useful. (individualistic?)

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