The TD Da Vinci API allowed us to access massive amounts of user data, which we could leverage to create something amazing. As University students, we know the struggle of creating and sticking to a budget, and are always looking for more opportunities to save.

What it does

CoffeeSaver is an web app that allows clients at TD to log in and look at their banking information. However, the most interesting feature of CoffeeSaver is the ability to look at the average amount of money that people near you and near your age are using on certain types of products like dining, autoservices, healthcare, etc. That way, the client has a good understanding of where she is a master saver, and where she can probably cut down.

How we built it

We leveraged the TD Da Vinci API to read customer and transaction data and pre-processed using Python and JavaScript for quicker access for our Web Application. We created the Web Application from scratch using JavaScript, React Framework, and various other JavaScript libraries. We used GitHub for version control.

Challenges we ran into

Long Processing times due to the large quantities of data being utilized. Multiple stages of processing required to simplify data down to a usable and compact state. Problem with API filters not being able to access no more than 10 simulated customers at a time when a filter is applied. This required us to request raw data from a TD representative rather than solely using the API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completed a fully functional Web Application. Being able to work extended hours through the night to deliver this project.

What we learned

  • Most of us learned and taught new languages to each other.
  • Time Management strategies on a tight schedule ## What's next for CoffeeSaver We want to expand out Web Application to include:
  • Even more percise and relevant comparisons for users by adding income and school information to the filtering.
  • Extracting transaction data by location to list the most popular/cheapest spots for food
  • Creating an Android and IOS app so users can track their comparisons on the go.

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