Imagine you are travelling from Malmo to Lund every business day for work. And every time you arrive to Lund you grab a cup of your favourite cappuccino in Espresso House, yet some days the line is too big and the train was delayed and you simply don't have time for that.

What if there was an app knowing when a train with you approaches Lund (with all the unfortunate delays, whether they occur), the app which would allow you to seamlessly preorder and pre-pay your cup of coffee, the app allowing you not to stay in the line?

Well, we did such an app.

What it does

The app identifies the train you are into, the route, the next stops and available coffee/snacks facilities. It allows you to order and pre-pay a cup of coffee or food delivered to the carriage or to be picked up in a coffee store without waiting in the line whether it's your final stop.

The app provides a storefront for coffeeshops allowing them to receive and proceed such orders.

How we built it

Two web apps: for end users and for coffee-shops Go-lang backend run on IBM CloudFoundry PaaS PostgreSQL DB with GTFS data for the whole Sweden Trafiklab ResRobot API

Challenges we ran into

Deploying to IBM Cloud GTFS structure/data understanding

Accomplishments that we're proud of

GTFS data manipulation

What we learned

Work with GTFS

What's next for Coffeeing

A proper MVP with native mobile apps, first onboarded clients.

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