Allowing professionals in co-working spaces to connect over a meal or a coffee

What it does

Allows users to purchase coffee and or lunch bundles at a reduced price, and allow them to offer coffee and / or lunch to other co-workers and use the opportunity to connect and network.

The collected data on the app helps understand informal interaction across co-workers in a co-working space.

How I built it

Front end with react, back end with node.js, both in Typescript. Data Analysis with Python for the business case.

Challenges I ran into

Finding relevant data for the business case, connection to the cobot API for invoicing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A working product, collaboration across the entire team, and providing value to both the users of the space and the co-working space.

What I learned

Team work, research, deeper understanding of React and Node.js, insights in the restorations industry and in well-being and productivity in the working space.

What's next for CoffeeHub

Winning the hackathon, going from a rough prototype to a Minimum Viable Product, and potentially investigating releasing it to a set of testers.

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